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Thoracic surgery

Author: Jiří Šnajdauf

Chest wall deformities:
• Pectus excavatum - (funnel chest), most common chest wall deformity, Surgical repair - without metallic strut - modif. Welch, with metallic strut - modif. Holcomb, complications, Minimally invasive Repair of Pectus Excavatum - Nuss technique
• Pectus carinatum - (pigeon brest) - protrusion deformity
• Poland´s syndrom - Absence of the pectoralis major and minor muscles and syndactyly
• Sternal defects
Esophageal Atresia; CCAM; Oncological pulmonary diseases; Mediastinal Masses; Anterior and superior mediastinum.

Hepatobiliary surgery

Author: Jiří Šnajdauf

Hepatobiliary surgery; Liver tumors in children; Benign liver tumors; Hemangiomas: 1. Cavernous hemangiomas 2. Hemangioendotheliomas
•Cardiac failure - digoxin, diuretics
•Corticosteroids or alpha2A-interferon induce regresion in some cases
•Localized - resection
•Bilobar - hepatic artery ligation or embolization
•Rare - transplantation
Focal nodular hyperplasia - FNH; Adenoma; Non-Parasitic Cysts; Congenital liver cyst – located partially extrahepatic in porta hepatis; Malignant liver tumors; Hepatoblastoma; Staging by SIOP of malignant liver tumors; Hepatoblastoma - Histopathology

Department of Paediatric Surgery

Author: Jiří Šnajdauf

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