MUDr. Jan Trachta

Acute abdominal conditions

Author: Jan Trachta

Inflammatory; Bowel obstruction; Trauma; Peritoneal and thoracic cavity with foetal circulation; Gastrointestinal; Genitourinary; Gynaecolologic; Neurogenic; Vascular; Systemic disease; Mimicking intraabdominal pathology; Bowel obstruction - Mechanic, Neurogenic, Vascular; Ladd syndrome – malrotation of the midgut with Ladd´s bands; The difference between hernia in a child and an adult.

Abdominal trauma

Author: Jan Trachta

Abdominal trauma
Blunt trauma 85% mortality 9%
Penetrating trauma 15% mortality 6%
Shock = Inadequate tissue perfusion
Shock - clinical features
Management of abdominal trauma
Treatment of shock:
•oxygen support - 100% O2
•cannulation of peripheral vein 2x
•fluid replacement - crystalloid solution
•transport to ICU
ICU management
ICU monitoring
Fluid resuscitation - hemodynamic stability