MUDr. Eva Pýchová, ver-zdrav(at)

Social paediatrics - Social pathology, special topics

Author: Eva Pýchová, Zdeněk Novotný

Social pathology, Predisposition factors of social pathology, Maladaptation manifestation,

Social paediatrics – special topics: Substitute family care - adoption x foster care, Residential care. Statistics,
Child abuse - Syndrome CAN , Physical abuse, Psychical abuse, Sexual abuse
Roma people - mimorities

Social paediatrics

Author: Eva Pýchová, Zdeněk Novotný

Social paediatrics - general,

Definition, „What“ is it a child , Family, Parentship and their probleme, A child and his/her society , Social pathology,
Convention of children rights, Functions of a family,  Family failures, Parentship failures, Ability to care of the child,  Who is responsible for the child