prof. MUDr. Michal Rygl, detska.chirurgie(at)

Onconsurgery in children

Author: Michal Rygl

Onconsurgery in children:
• Embryonal tumors
• Neuroblastoma
• Nephroblastoma
• Hepatoblastoma
• Pulmoblastoma, pankreatoblastoma, lipoblastoma
• Sarcoma

Intrabdominal Mass
• Hepatomegaly, Hydrops, Liver cyst, Liver tumor, Choledochal cyst
• Infiltration– appendix, Crohn; Abscess – appendix, Crohn
• Splenomegaly, Bezoar, Splenic cyst
• Gas, Stoool, Intestinal tumor, Abscess

Neonatal surgery

Author: Michal Rygl

Neonatal surgery Congenital diseases
•Atresia GIT, biliary atresia, Malrotation, Diaphragmatic hernias, Abdominal wall defects, Lung anomaly

Acquired diseases
•Perinatal trauma, Hernias, Testicular torsion, Ileus, Perforation and inflammation of GIT, NEC, Tumors

Surgery of congenital malformations - complex treatment; Survival in isolated malformation in Motol Hospital; Congenital diaphragmatic hernia – posterolateral, Bochdalek - Czech pathologist Professor Bochdalek in1848.