Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine , Charles University, 2nd Medical Faculty,

Social work in a hospital

Author: Jana Trávníčková, Jana Trávníčková

Social Department of University Hospital, Special profession –  health-social worker, Social-law consulting (advice of invalid pension,social benefits, claims)
Social and health ambulance care
Home care services, Day care, Daily stacionar,
Social and health institutional care
Old people´s home, long term hospital, care houses,
hospic, asylum houses for homeless (shelter)


Payment systems

Author: Petr Háva, MUDr., Petr Háva

Health care market, Overview of the payment systems  The role of prices
Payment as a tool
Payment of outpatient services
– FFS, Capitation, Salary, performance payment
Payment of inpatient services
– Per diem, DRG, Global budget
 Non-financial methods

How do the payment systems affect the behaviour of the providers and which incentives do they give

 How to attain different goals (efficiency, quality, equity) by the help of the payment systems


Purchasing health services

Author: Petr Háva, MUDr.

types, tools andtheoretical background of purchasing health services as an option for improving performance of health systems, roles of purchasers ( what schould they do), how countries are facing major challenges in recent years - cost containment, quest for greater efficiency in the use of scarce resources, emphasis on health outcomes and population health gains

Mental Health

Author: Veronika Benešová

Educational material Preventive medicine

Occupational Health

Author: Veronika Benešová

Educational materials Preventive medicine

Injury prevention

Author: Veronika Benešová, Veronika Benešová

Educational materials preventive medicine

Prenatal influences on disease in later life

Author: Karel Dohnal

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Children with handicap in the social - medical care

Author: Martina Kašparová

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Necessity of complete care for handicaped children. Early diagnosis, therapy, social care, education.

Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Author: Karel Dohnal

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Ornish study

Author: Karel Dohnal

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