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Biophysics – MD Curriculum in General Medicine 2012/2013

Author: Evžen Amler, Carmel J. Caruana, Lucie Koláčná, Miroslav Šulc, Jan Tomsa

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The course is available in the Moodle system. Handouts for the Biophysics course for 1st year medical students (MD curriculum in general medicine) – Winter semester 2012/2013 – Department of Biophysics, Charles University in Prague, 2nd Faculty of Medicine (biofyzika@lfmotol.cuni.cz). The course comprises presentations of lectures, instructions, protocols and presentations of practical tasks, syllabus, exam questions and further information needful for successful course graduation. Students are introduced into the principles of medical biophysics and biophysical principles of diagnostic and therapeutic methods. This knowledge is applicable in medical practice as well as research and in the subsequent study.

Advances in Molecular Genetic

Author: Zdeněk Sedláček

Optional subject for students of the 5th year

Clinical Genetics

Author: Kamila Procházková

E-learnig course

Medical Biology I

Author: Zdeněk Sedláček, Kamila Procházková, Eduard Kočárek, Taťana Maříková, Petr Goetz

E-learning course